TLC Animal Hospital provides grooming services done with utmost compassion, care and skill for your pet. Our grooming staff are committed to making your pet’s grooming experience as stress free as possible, while providing your pet with a stunning look and style that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

The amount of grooms each groomer can handle in a day depends on the breed of dog.

Our Groomers




Monday and Friday


Our staff is available for baths between Monday and Saturday. As a bath, we do not cut any hair. If you’re interested in getting your pets hair cut or styled, please make an appointment with a groomer. Please drop off your pet for the day before 1pm. When your pet is done being pampered we will call you to pick up. We do offer medicated baths that are prescribed by the appropriate doctor for an extra fee.

Please call a head to schedule a bath with us.

A bath includes:
EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) shampoo
Nail trim
Internal anal gland expression
Wipe out the ears
Blow dry with brushing (depending on the coat, there may be an extra fee)

For baths, the pet must be up to date on the following:
Canine Influenza
Heartworm Test