You’re off to great places. Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!

– Dr. Seuss

At TLC Animal Hospital, we believe that leaving your pet when you travel should not be a stressful time for either of you. We’ve developed the ultimate pet boarding experience that will give you peace of mind and provide your pet with a safe and fun experience while you are away.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are staffed by passionate pet people who are committed to pampering our guests. So relax, and enjoy your time away while your pet is having a vacation of its own!

Dog Boarding

We offer boarding for dogs 365 days of the year! We provide cages and large runs based on the size of your pet. During your pets stay, if they are socialized well, he/she will get to spend their day in doggy daycare! This guarantees that your pet will be exhausted when it’s time for bed. We also do outside walks multiple times during the day. Our first walk is right when we get in at 7:00am. Then we continue with walks at 11am, 3pm then once again before we leave at 5:30pm.

Our boarding and daycare options are for our clients only. We are not open to the public. If you have not been to our clinic yet, please feel free to call us and schedule an appointment with a doctor prior to your boarding dates.

Don’t forget to check our TLC Animal Hospital Facebook Page for daily photos of your dog playing in the daycare room!

Small Home $30/Night
Medium Home $40/Night
Large Run $50/Night

Extra charges:

Boarding more than one dog in a shared room – $10 per extra dog

Medication administration – $3/day

Daycare while boarding – $5/day

Pick-Up during closed hours – $20/family

Things to bring for boarding:
Medication (Medication can be administered for a small $3/day fee regardless of the amount.)
Bedding (We do provide a lot of bedding, but if your pet has a favorite blanket or something to remember home by, please feel free to bring it.)

For boarding, your dog must be up to date on the following:
Canine Influenza
Heartworm Test


Our boarding is private and for our clients ONLY! Your pet must be examined by one of our doctors annually to participate in daycare or stay overnight with us.

Cat Boarding

We offer boarding for cats 365 days of the year! Our quiet kitty condo room has options for multiple condo areas and toys to play with.

Our cat room is located is the quietest area of the hospital next to our employee break room. This gives them the chance to be away from barking dogs but also allows them access to human interaction. So many times, our employee’s swing by to say “hi” to the kitties that are usually napping or scratching on a post.

Feline boarding prices:

Boarding per night: $20

Boarding per extra cat: $10/cat

Medication Administration: $3/day

Pick-up during closed hours: $20/family