daycare (3)Most dogs spend their days bored and lonely. And by the time you get home from your busy day, your dog wants to play. Meanwhile, you need to make dinner, return phone calls, and relax after a long day.

TLC’s doggy daycare is the solution. Drop your dog off at our location and let your pet spend the day socializing with other dogs, running around and burning off plenty of pent-up energy. That way, an evening in your home is relaxing for both you and your pet.

Monday – Friday we offer full day of daycare. Doggy daycare is also available on Saturdays from 8:00am – 12:00pm as a half day charge. While we currently have one daycare room, we do separate and switch out the big dogs and small dogs throughout the day. The pups are monitored the entire time of daycare by a human and are walked at 11am and 3pm. Lunch breaks are included if needed. They will also have toys (tennis balls, rope toys, ect.) in the daycare room. Photos will be posted daily on our TLC Animal Hospital Facebook Page.

Our boarding and daycare options are for our clients only. We are not open to the public. If you have not been to our clinic yet, please feel free to call us and schedule an appointment with a doctor prior to booking daycare.

For daycare, we do require all vaccines to be updated (Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Fecal, Heartworm Test). If they need updating, the pet will be put on the appropriate doctors board to be examined.

Daycare and a Bath

We do offer daycare in the morning and a bath in the afternoon. The fee will be just a half day of daycare and a full bath fee. This requires your pet to be dropped off in the morning, preferably before 10am, and will be ready to go home by 4:30pm.

A bath includes:
EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) shampoo
Nail trim
Internal anal gland expression
Wipe out the ears
Blow dry with brushing

Prices are as follows:

First day – Courtesy (We want to make sure your dog gets along with everyone.)
1 day – $20
5 day – $95
10 day – $170
20 day – $300
Everyday we update our TLC Facebook Page with photos. Here are just a few photos of the fun that goes on in our daycare room:

We also like to have some fun doggy daycare party’s! Check out this video from our Summer Luau: