We believe in state of the art medicine which includes going digital. We use only digital x-rays to take a look at what may be ailing your pet.

We not only discuss our findings with other doctors within the practice but we also send off our Radiology Report to off-site professionals who give us their medical opinion given the x-rays and medical history.

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All TLC x-rays are reviewed by a board certified veterinary radiologist.

Our goal is to take these x-rays without sedation. However, some pet’s may come in with severe pain at which point we will discuss either a light sedative or full anesthesia to continue taking safe and pain-free x-rays.

Due to federal regulations, owners are not allowed to be present during the x-rays. After they are taken and discussed, we will go over our findings in the exam room with you and you can view and even take home a digital copy of your pet’s x-rays.

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