Microchipping Your Dog or Cat

Microchipping is the number one reason for found dogs and cats. It is about the size of a grain of rice that will be implanted into your pet’s skin, usually in between the shoulder blades.

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It is larger than the size of a vaccine needle, which is why we highly recommend microchipping your pet during a sedated procedure like spay or neuter. If you would like to come in for an exam and receive a microchip, we will sedate the skin locally either with an injectable sedative or topical.

Our microchip price is $50. We use Home Again microchips. The cost includes the microchip itself, the process to implant it, and one year of a subscription to HomeAgain.com.

We do have a universal chip scanner so in the case that you have found a lost pet, you are welcomed at anytime during business hours to bring him/her by and we can scan the pet for a microchip. We can then give you information about how to look up that pets number and find his/her correct owner.

A microchip is not a GPS. This means that if your pet is lost, they would need to be brought somewhere to be scanned. Most animal hospitals and shelters have universal scanners that will be able to pull up your pet’s specific number.

It is very important to keep your pet’s microchip information up to date. Too often do we have lost pet’s come through the door with a microchip and it leads to a wrong number or incorrect address. Home Again and AVID are the two most popular microchip companies, so check with them if your pet’s information is up to date.