We take great pride in our high standards of patient care.  Regardless of the surgical procedure, pre-operative testing is the best way to ensure your pet is a healthy enough candidate.  Pre-Operative care, which may include a blood profile, urinalysis, and ECG, tells your veterinarian about each organ function including the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas, liver, gastrointestinal, lymphatic system and more.  Surgical intervention and medications given before, during, and after will be based on these findings.

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Each surgical patient has a technician specifically dedicated to monitoring vital signs during and after the procedure.  This technician continuously monitors the heart, respiration, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, temperature, intravenous fluids, anesthetic depth and pain level of your pet.  Patients receive attentive post-operative nursing care to ensure each pet wakes safely and comfortably.  You will receive a special phone number to use while your pet is here for surgery.  This number by-passes the front desk and goes directly to the surgical team.  A surgical team member will also have this phone after closing hours for any additional questions or concerns you may have after taking your pet home.

Please feel free to contact TLC with any questions or concerns you may have about your pet’s surgical procedure.