A Peaceful Ending

Euthanasia is never an easy decision to make. We want to make your experience as peaceful and pain-free as possible. If you feel that your pet is suffering and it is time, we highly recommend that you call our office. We will work around your schedule. At this point, our clinic will revolve around you and your pet.

Paws & Cherish

We now use the company Paws & Cherish for our pet cremations. They are locally located in Deerfield Beach, FL. We have been impressed with their handling of our dear pets and the process they use. Their customer service is outstanding.

They are a small team of only 6 full time employee and the first pet crematory to be accredited through the IAOPCC (International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories) in the state of Florida.

If the case may be for an additional cost, they will go to your personal home to pick up your passed beloved one.

They offer viewings. For those who want to view the process, you’re welcomed to stop by their facility and watch their procedure.

For these services, please call them directly (954)971-9966.

What Are My Options?

We offer a Communal Cremation, a Private Cremation, or the option to take your pet’s body home for burial.

For the communal cremation, they will cremate multiple pets simultaneously then scatter the ashed alongside their “Path of Reflection” in Boca Raton.

For the private cremation, you will receive the ashes back. You pet will be cremated alone. You have the option to go to the chapel in Deerfield Beach and watch the procedure. The chapel is available also for you if you’d like to have family and friends gather.

There are many options for urns varying from wood to metal to resin. Many different options at many different costs. There is also an option to put a portion of the ashes into a necklace or piece of jewelry if you desire.

There are three types of private cremation:

  • Simple Private Cremation Package – Includes the cremation process, certificate of the cremation, basic urn, pet loss pin and artificial floral piece.
  • Care Package – Includes the simple package along with the choice of urn (wooden carved, wooden smooth or scatter tube.)
  • Memorial Package – Includes the care package along with an engraved name plate.

What Can I Expect?

Your pet’s comfort is our first concern.  A sedative may be administered first by our veterinarians. Once you are prepared, an injection is given to your pet, which will allow your pet to pass peacefully and painlessly.  You can opt to be present for all, none or part of the procedure. A clay paw print will be made for you to take with you.

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