When Your Cat or Dog Needs Special Skin Care

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If your dog or cat has a skin problem, it usually is apparent as hair loss, redness, or itchiness. He or she may scratch day and night without relief. At TLC Animal Hospital, we know that dermatology problems don’t usually get better on their own. Skin problems and excessive scratching can make you and your pet both miserable.

Many skin ailments can be related to allergies, while others are caused by environmental irritants. The most common dermatology reaction we see in pets is scratching. We will check your pet for any and all of these common symptoms:

  • Hot spots, such as an open sore
  • Fungal infections, such as ringworm
  • Mange and scabies caused by mites
  • Hair loss

Some breeds have folds of skin that make them more susceptible to skin maladies. Hormone imbalances, bacterial infections, and yeast infections can lead to problems that are readily treatable with medication.

Like allergies, determining the correct cause and course of treatment for your pet’s skin condition may require several tests. With the right diagnosis and treatment, we know your pet will be feeling happier, healthier, and far less itchy soon.