StephTrick or Treat Tricks for Your Pet on Halloween

Written by Stephanie C

While we all love to see our furry children dressed up for Halloween, keep in mind that they may not like the holiday. Here’s a few tips to help your pet enjoy the holiday:

  • Choosing a costume! This could be the hardest and most stressful part for you on Halloween. This can also be stress inducing for your pet. If you decide to dress your pet, pick a costume created specifically for them. This will allow the opportunity for you to put your pet on a leash or harness because most of them have adequate holes for leashes. Remember, when picking out a costume, to be careful about strings and straps under their neck. Your pet should always be with you when they’re in costume. Keep a close eye so they don’t accidentally get hung up or cause strangulation. Also, make sure the costume has enough space for them to urinate and defecate. This is not only for their health, but also should be more sanitary for you.
  • If you have children in costumes, remind them to ignore the pets in the house. Putting on a mask or even an odd costume outside of normal wear, can cause stress to your pet. They won’t recognize you or your children. Let your children know not to chase your pet around or try and pick your pet up while in costume. This can be very scary for them and cause a great amount of stress, anxiety and they may become untrustworthy.
  • Keep Halloween goodies up high. Don’t let your pet have the opportunity to get into the chocolate or candy. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is toxic to dogs despite their desire to eat all of it.
  • Have a safe space. If you’re expecting a lot of trick-or-treaters, the constant doorbell can cause anxiety and possibly aggression. Choose a small area in a quiet room that they will feel safe and be away from the chaos. You can leave the tv on as well to keep the sound of the doorbell or knocking down to a minimum. This is also a great idea if you are leaving for the night and they will be home alone.