How to prepare for Hurricane Matthew

Written by Stephanie C

Here in sunny South Florida we have plenty of opportunities to be in the way of a hurricane. With Matthew coming upon us, we have to decide how we will prepare. We know too well that weather is highly unpredictable and can change direction at any time. While we’re not in the cone of direction for Matthew to go through, we will come across some bad weather this week.

Here are some tips on how to keep your furry one safe and relaxed during the storm:

Make sure you have plenty of medications, bottled water and food.

Call up your vet and see if you can get extra refills of the medications your pet is on. You want about two weeks-worth just in case you run out and there’s flooding or too much road debris to get to the hospital. We also include food in this case, again just in case you physically can’t get to the store. Having extra water is never a bad idea. While the storm is supposed to be minor, we could always go into a boil water regulation at any time.

Discuss storm anxiety remedies with your vet.

See if you can speak with your vet regarding storm anxiety. There are a lot of different ways to keep your pet calm during thunderstorms from The Thunder Shirt to daily oral medication. Sometimes, just having their toys and bedding in one specific closed in area will help keep them calm. Pets who are crate trained, tend to want to stay in their crate with bedding. Leaving the tv or radio on will also help drown out the noise of the storm.

Be careful when walking after a storm.

Always avoid pools of standing water. Standing water has a better chance of holding Leptospirosis which is transferred to and from the local wildlife. Be extra careful if there are any powerlines that are down or if the power is out in your area. Be conscious of the wild life around. If there are bushes that are disturbed, these were possibly homes to feral cats and raccoons which have now been relocated. They be in protective mode and may go after you or your pet.

Have a copy of your pet’s medical records

While we may not have to evacuate or need to go to a shelter, it’s never a bad idea to have a copy of your pet’s proof of Rabies vaccine and other vaccinations. Here at TLC Animal Hospital, we could just email you that paper so you wouldn’t need to come in to the clinic.

While we all will keep a close eye on this storm, it is still very unpredictable. Please stay safe, and if you have any specific questions, feel free to call us at the clinic. (561)997-8090