StephSea Turtle Friends at TLC Animal Hospital

Written by Stephanie C.


Coleen, a male green sea turtle, was found in Boca Raton washed up on shore. He had a papilloma tumor which was removed by Dr. Chadam, who you may see in our clinic as a relief doctor. Coleen also had developed sepsis in his bones which caused swelling and fractures in his flippers, which led to malnutrition.

TLC Animal Hospital then provided laser therapy multiple times to help with the swelling. This process proved to be very effective.

Coleen is currently recuperating at Gumbo Limbo and is slowly regaining the use of his right flipper. Feel free to stop by Gumbo Limbo and say hi to Coleen!


Coleen being prepared for his laser treatment.

We cover his eyes with a towel for protection
while Tricia does his laser treatment.



TLC Animal Hospital is a proud sponsor of Friends of Gumbo Limbo

in Boca Raton. Coleen is just one of the many sea turtles we’ve had here

at the clinic for laser therapy and radiographs.