Heather N.

This is the best vet I have ever been to! I grew up having cats and I always remember the staff and vets not being necessarily unfriendly, by not very friendly. From the moment I walked in and experienced how friendly this place was, I knew I was in the right spot. From the front desk, to the techs and vets. You can tell 100% that these people really love animals, and really aren’t trying to screw you on prices.

The B.

I have been seeing Dr. Dooley for about 10 years between all my animals.  I would never go anywhere else.  I don’t mind the wait.  I look at it like a fine restaurant.  If you want a good meal would you go to the restaurant with a wait or the one with empty tables?  If your an empty table type of person, TLC might not be your place.  If you want the better service, food and all around service type of restaurant then TLC should be your Go To Vet.

Richard S.

Been coming here for years with different dogs. Easy to get an appointment and all the Vets are great.

Liz N.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful this clinic is. I would go there any and every time. I have been 2x I had to go yesterday as emergency. They waited at the door for me. The vet was fantastic and loving. We put my cat down and I felt supported by every person I spoke to. 100% favorite.

Shellie E.

TLC is a wonderful veterinarian clinic. The doctors and staff have always been so kind and helpful. When I had to put my 15 1/2 year old cat down Dr. A was incredible. She cares about all of the animals as does everyone there. I highly recommend this office.

Randi S.

This is long overdue, I Must comment about Dr. Tomasino.  She has enormous amount of patience, cares about you as well as your dog or cat, and me being a over protective furry mommy, Dr . Tomasino takes this in consideration when talking to me about my Cody, and Duke.

She Really has your animals best interest at heart.

To tell you the truth, I’ve Never felt so trusting of a veterinarian  like I do with this Doctor !!!
Without a shadow of a doubt, I recommend and suggest you see Dr. Tomasino for All your furry children’s needs. We Love her, Duke, Cody and myself!!!!

Candice B.

Dr. Dooley is an amazing veterinarian.  He goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure both the owner, as well as, the patient are provided the highest level of care and attention.  He is by far the best of the best and has a top notch staff at TLC which is a reflection of him.  I recommend TLC Animal Hospital as a VERY happy client of over 10 years!

Mara T.

I have been going here for about 6 years. I am so glad I found Dr. Travers. The staff is amazing and my dog dino loves going there.
We have used the daycare and what fun.

Kristen B.

I remember when TLC was simply Dr. Dooley. Now it is a large clinic that remains as intimate and effective as when it was just Dr. Dooley was on his own. It is a wonderful and caring environment. Dr. Ackbulut (Dr. A) is amazing, brilliant, warm, and healing woman and veterinarian. Her surgical skill is profound. Her ability to take care of owner while taking care of pet is the best. I lead my healthcare with holistic veterinary care. Dr. A and Dr. Dooley both work very very well with my holistic vet. What a great healthcare team they are!!

Gary R.

I have two Chihuahuas and I have been to a half dozen veterinary clinics/hospitals in Palm Beach County over the years. TLC was recommended to me. Finally I have an Animal Hospital that provides excellent service and compassionate care with out gouging you.

Maxine M.

You will never be sorry that you have taken your furry child to TLC! I followed Dr.Browning over from another place a few years ago and have fallen in love with the entire staff. They are passionate, caring and professional and have always found them to go above and beyond my expectations!

Abbey Z.

I love TLC! I always leave there feeling better as Dr.Dooley is a great diagnostician. I am sure the other vets there are also. The girls upfront at the desk are VERY nice and personable.

Andrea T.

The absolute BEST place to take your animal. The doctors are awesome and their staff is amazing. Amazing doggie day care!!!!

Jacqueline F.

I LOVE Dr. Travers. I drive about 45 minutes to have her take care of my dog as she is professional, sweet, kind and cares as much about my dog as I do. She has taken amazing care of my dog, the entire staff at TLC is as wonderful as she is. I recommend people to her all the time.
I had terrible experiences with vets up in my area and if she ever retires I have no idea what I would do!

Shawn M.

Melissa is the most amazing groomer on earth. I cant say enough good things about her. She is kind, smart, cuts dog hair like an ARTIST. She is like edward sissor hands with foliage and shrubs but with dogs and not weird looking at all!

She is only available on Tuesday and Thursday and works by appointment only, but it’s worth it!!!!

I drive longer to get my dog’s hair cut by her than i do to the barber for myself. She’s amazing

Anna L.

My pet sitter recommend this place which was comforting since we are new to the area and wanted a trustworthy place to take my furry kids. The staff is always wonderful and friendly and it’s nice and clean. I can rest easy that I have a place to take my babies to be taken care of if and when needed.

Cool Cars C.

I have had many dogs, in many states but TLC has topped the charts as far as caring and healing. I would follow Dr. JP Carew wherever he landed but I am glad he landed at TLC!! The best part is they do what they say and not make it confusing nor do more than is needed. They too want you in and out, not much of a wait – they respect you and your dogs time!! It is very clean and they have a very large staff who is very friendly.

Heidi H.

I have been a longtime client and professional associate of TLC Animal Hospital. As an owner of a pet sitting service, I like to be able to refer my clients to the best Veterinarians the area has to offer as it is a reflection of my company as well. I have been referring to TLC Animal Hospital for many years and not once has there ever been any feedback other than ” They were the best!”. I too, bring my rabbit and dog to these amazing doctors who are not only state of the art, but have the personal touch a loving pet owner requires in order to ensure your pet is in the best possible hands. The technicians and the front desk staff are lovely, kind, and professional. Thank you TLC for always being there last minute and by appointment for my clients and personal pets!!

Todd O.

TLC is the best vet clinic I have been to after going through a bunch of bad ones. I have two rotties and it takes a certain disposition to deal with them. Dr. Dooley has been great with them. He knows how to handle them during an exam and never tries to pad any procedures. My oldest started limping badly. They took her in the next day and was able to diagnose arthritis and prescribe some medicine that had her walking fine in two days. Other vets would have done x rays and multiple tests taht would have been unnecessary.

Marla B.

Dr. Dooley and TLC have been our pets’ vets since puppy/kittyhood. We have two dogs and a cat, and have had the variety of routine check-ups, emergencies and illnesses that come with pets. Dr. Dooley has always been amazing. He really shows that he cares about the patients and their owners. I specifically remember when he examined an odd hair loss spot on our 6 month old puppy’s face prior to his neuter and discovered that it was puppy mange. He spent the time, both on the phone with me that day and in follow-up appointments, to assuage my fears about Hamlet’s condition and go over the treatment options. I’ve had similar stellar vet service for our other dog and our cat, not just from him but from the other doctors in the practice. The techs and staff are also wonderful and while they are obviously busy, they always are happy to do whatever we need (copy records, get food orders, etc). Once, I left a prescription behind when I was picking up a large order of heartworm meds/food and the staff called my husband immediately to have me come back and grab it! We have also used the boarding services and my dogs always come back perfectly happy (if not a little hoarse).